This is the second video in a row starting with Kai Angermann of InsaDonjaKai playing the xylophone. But this time he accompanies Volker Bertelmann a.k.a. Hauschka (also from Düsseldorf) and it´s a beautiful summer´s day at the Brüsseler Platz in cologne in the church of St. Michael.
The place is crowded, Gonzales is in the audience, the sun shines through the windows and Hauschka´s prepared piano is echoing in the nave.
There are not many better ways to spend a sunday afternoon.

Later we talked to Hauschka about error and perfection and many other things. But even though Volker is one of the most patient, nicest and helfpful artists I met, sadly, because of technical problems (you see the irony here?) there isn´t much left of it.

Marc Weber (concept, production)
Christian Fischer (camera, interviewsound)
Lars Weber (camera)
Max Würden (camera)
With the support of
Special thanks to Dietmar Saxler.

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