We met Lubomyr Melnyk right after the soundcheck before the final concert of Zivilisation der Liebe 2013 http://www.ambientfestival.de in the church of St. Aposteln in cologne. He agreed to do an interview, even though it was obvious that he wasn´t thrilled about it. So first he took some time to manage the right order of his many albums on the merchtable.

During the interview he opened his reservation quickly while he was talking about continuous music, the art of composing and playing piano, which he developed in the 70s. And he lit up when i asked him about the artists of the contemporary classic he met in Berlin, like Nils Frahm and Peter Broderick, with whom he recorded his new album Corollaries.
I thanked him for the interview and he thanked me for the questions.

Later that evening he played a wonderful concert. The piece in the end of the video is a composition for two pianos. So the other piano you can hear is a playback he had recorded earlier that day.

Marc Weber (concept, production)
Christian Fischer (camera, interview soundrecording)
Lars Weber (camera)
André Kraml (concert soundmastering)
With the support of é de cologne
Special thanks to Dietmar Saxler.

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